PS3 Horror Games: The 9 Scariest Games For The PS3

PS3 Horror Games

Video games come in all kinds of different genres and horror is not an exception. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in the community of that particular genre and horror games have become more diverse so whether you are a fan of monsters, nightmarish creatures, savage mutants or just enjoy … Read more

The 25 Best SNES Games of All Time

Best SNES Games

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, was one of the best gaming systems ever created. At its time of release and even today, people flock to purchase this unique piece of gaming history. During its peak, the SNES released so many games that had people in awe and having way too much fun in … Read more

10 Of The Best Apple II Games To Show Your Kids

Apple 2 Computer and Games

Following the success of their first personal computer called the Macintosh, Apple (which was run by Steve Jobs at the time) released the Apple II in 1977. With a more compact design, the Apple II was built to accommodate anyone; from kids to adults.   Initially, Apple planned to market the computer as an educational … Read more

10 Best 4 Player GameCube Games For An Oldschool Party

Nintendo Gamecube

Remember the simple times, having friends over and playing video games all night? If you were lucky you could con your parents into making some pizza rolls. Sometimes things could get intense, but that was just part of the fun. Playing games with multiple people became much easier with the advent of MMORPG’s, and even … Read more

11 Of The Best Sega Genesis RPGs Ever Made

Sega Genesis RPGs

During the 16-bit era of the console wars, the Sega Genesis had a pretty daunting task: compete with the uber-popular Super Nintendo (which had a hype train behind it like you wouldn’t believe).  However, I think the Genesis definitely held its own at the time, especially in terms of its catalog of RPGs. In fact, … Read more

Iconic NES Soundtracks: The Best NES Music Ever Created

Best NES Music: Controllers

Whether it was one incredible piece of music or an entire soundtrack, the NES contained some of the most iconic video game music ever created. When the Nintendo Entertainment System was first released in Japan in 1983, it was known as the Famicom (or Family Computer). Over the next decade, Nintendo didn’t just create some … Read more