Best GameCube RPGs: Top Picks and Hidden Gems

Gamecube RPGs

The Nintendo GameCube, while not as iconic as some of its counterparts, is home to a selection of memorable and cherished role-playing games (RPGs). Although its competitor, the PlayStation 2, may be more widely known for its vast array of RPGs, the GameCube’s library should not be overlooked by fans of the genre. Despite having … Read more

Looking Back at the 11 Best Atari 7800 Games

Atari 7800

The Atari 7800 is more than a throwback, it’s a return to playing on an absolutely classic system. Depending on your age, it might be retro or it might be nostalgic for you to play the Atari 7800. Regardless, playing the best Atari 7800 games is a ton of fun.  The third Atari system, coming after … Read more

The 11 Best PS1 Multiplayer Games


Today we’re discussing the Best PS1 Multiplayer Games that we all grew up playing with friends. We sometimes overlook classic game systems. After all, in a world where people have proven to be desperate to get the newest and latest systems, like the Playstation 5, those older systems can seem trivial. That’s far too dismissive … Read more

The 12 Best PS3 Racing Games Of All Time

best ps3 racing games

Nintendo gets all the love in the world of racing games, if only for Mario Kart. That line of thinking, though, takes away from the long line of great games made for other systems, like the Playstation 3. Just as much fun and nostalgia comes from the best PS3 racing games as any other system … Read more

10 Hardest SNES Games Of All Time

Hardest SNES Games

Classic games come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from family-friendly to downright infuriating. Some games are intended to be difficult, others only so due to weak AI, shoddy controls, and questionable level design. From intentionally challenging to downright broken, today we’ll be diving into 10 of the hardest SNES games of all time. Teenage … Read more

What are the Best Intellivision Games

Best Intellivision Games

Intellivision is one of the oldest home video game consoles, originally coming out in 1979. With that comes a lot of history, nostalgia, and interest today. It also, at times, comes with a mixed bag of hiccups and different levels of success in creating games for a system like Intellivision. Today, it can leave us … Read more

The Best Atari 5200 Games of All Time

Atari Games

The best Atari 5200 games is a fun debate that can only be had with old school gamers. This iconic video game console stands the test of time, and the nostalgic games will live on in our hearts forever. There’s something special to playing these classic games that are truly irreplaceable. Memories of playing the … Read more