20 Of The Best NES RPGs You Need To Play


Hours of customization and character building in only 8 bits of graphics. RPGs finally made their move away from pen and paper and onto the screen in the 8-bit era, and nowhere was this more plentiful than the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Though it’s been over 30 years since it debuted, the NES still boasts some … Read more

19 Underrated SNES Games That Are Underrated Masterpieces.

Underrated SNES Games

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System introduced the world to masterpieces: A Link to the Past. Super Mario World. Donkey Kong Country. These games influenced popular culture and video game design for decades.  This article is not about these games.  Instead, we’re going to take a look at 19 games that, for some reason, slipped through … Read more

10 Of The Best SNES RPGs Ever Crafted


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is one of the most iconic game platforms of all time, boasting a robust library of games that encompass all manner of genres, the most prominent of which is easily the roleplaying game, or RPG. Nintendo platforms have historically had some of the greatest RPGs of all time, and the … Read more