The 11 Best PS1 Multiplayer Games


Today we’re discussing the Best PS1 Multiplayer Games that we all grew up playing with friends. We sometimes overlook classic game systems. After all, in a world where people have proven to be desperate to get the newest and latest systems, like the Playstation 5, those older systems can seem trivial. That’s far too dismissive … Read more

The 12 Best PS3 Racing Games Of All Time

best ps3 racing games

Nintendo gets all the love in the world of racing games, if only for Mario Kart. That line of thinking, though, takes away from the long line of great games made for other systems, like the Playstation 3. Just as much fun and nostalgia comes from the best PS3 racing games as any other system … Read more

PS3 Horror Games: The 9 Scariest Games For The PS3

PS3 Horror Games

Video games come in all kinds of different genres and horror is not an exception. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in the community of that particular genre and horror games have become more diverse so whether you are a fan of monsters, nightmarish creatures, savage mutants or just enjoy … Read more

12 Of The Best PS1 RPGs Ever Made

Playstation 1

Nobody bet on the Sony console in the debut of the turbulent era with which the 32-bit generation began. The reality is that PlayStation devastated all other rivals due to a multitude of excellent ideas a few had come up with. For the PS1 RPG genre, the arrival of CDs allowed to expand the size … Read more

14 Best PS2 Fighting Games Of All Time

PS2 Controller

The PS2 is still the best-selling home console of all time. It is a great achievement considering that more than 20 years have passed since its original release. This console also has the most extensive catalog of games of all the videogames consoles, which stands out in all genres. Based on this, this list will … Read more

17 Of The Most Underrated PS2 Games Ever

Playstation 2

All consoles have a group of extremely well-known video games whose names define the experience and memories around them. Other video games have even been able to transcend that condition and become benchmarks on their own. They are capable of staying relevant through the years and generations. The 128-bit console from Sony has the most … Read more