PS3 Horror Games: The 9 Scariest Games For The PS3

Video games come in all kinds of different genres and horror is not an exception. Over the last couple of years, we have seen a rise in the community of that particular genre and horror games have become more diverse so whether you are a fan of monsters, nightmarish creatures, savage mutants or just enjoy the suspense of a creepy atmosphere and an eerie setting, you can bet that there is a game made just for you so in order to assist you in finding the scariest games, here is the list of the best PS3 horror games. 

PS3 Horror Games

The Scariest PS3 Horror Games Of All Time

1. Dead Space

When it comes to the best ps3 horror games, Dead Space is one title that should be mentioned. While the franchise has multiple installments, we have decided to choose the first one since that is where the story and the creepiness begins.

Dead Space is a science fiction survival horror game in which the player is tasked with investigating an abandoned space ship after it was sent to a different planet to gather resources since humans have depleted the Earth entirely, and upon arriving there, the player finds himself surrounded by creatures known as Necromorphs which are basically mutated reanimated corpses.

During the playthrough, the player will almost always find himself in dark hallways of the spaceship under constant threat of being ambushed by one of the Necromorphs with little more than mining equipment, it is up to the player to survive. If the setting and the creatures and large amounts of corpses are not scary enough for you, the only way to deal with Necromorpsh is to literally tear them limb from limb in numerous bloody and graphic ways.

While all of those things added together make for a terrifying experience, what is perhaps even scarier is the fact that Dead Space is set in our universe 500 years in the future, which means that some of those horrific elements might actually come true.

2. BioShock

BioShock is the game that should definitely be at the top of the list of best PS3 horror games and there are many reasons as to why.

BioShock is set in the era of the 1960s and after an accident, that ends up with an airplane crashing into the ocean and the game’s protagonist finding himself in an underwater city of Rapture. Created as a utopia for the world’s most elitist elite with the goal of flourishing away from the rest of the society, the city quickly discovers advanced technology and a new substance that can grant humans superpowers but is highly addictive.

The player quickly finds out that most of the city has been abandoned and lies in ruins that are now infested with mutants called the splicers and this is where the scariness comes in. While the retro style combined with the technological look of the now-abandoned city is scary, and the monsters infesting it now can come at you from any corner, what makes the whole experience ten times scarier is the story of Rapture itself.

How once a flourishing society of rich and successful individuals fell apart on itself, how most of the population is now addicted to a strange substance and how there is no more humanity or hope left for the city and its inhabitants as the ocean slowly but surely takes over the city. All of this is told through audio recordings of the cities denizens and while the monsters, the dark ruins and the depth of the ocean are scary, the scariest thing of them all is coming to terms that this can happen to any society, including our own.

3. Silent Hill Homecoming

When talking about the best PS3 horror games, we can’t neglect to add at least one title from the Silent Hill franchise, in this case, Silent Hill Homecoming.

Released in 2008, Homecoming provides an eerie and intense atmosphere that will constantly keep the player on edge. While exploring the abandoned towns engulfed in fog, the player has to traverse the dark streets with only a flashlight and little supplies that he can find while searching for his lost brother.

Low visibility and the radio that emits static every time a nightmarish creature nearby definitely create an intense and eerie atmosphere that only gets scarier when facing monstrous creatures. It only gets worse from there with the industrial background sounds, bloody rooms, and dark-engulfed corridors get thrown into the mix.

4. The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is at the top when it comes to scary PS3 horror games. The Last of Us is set in the modern-day USA after a strange fungus infects the population turning them into hostile mutants and while the plot itself is nothing new or that scary, what is scary is the portrayal of the human society slowly falling apart and watching everything that makes us human slowly disappear as we struggle to survive. 

5. Metro: Last Light

If an extremely scary presentation is what you want, look no further than Metro: Last Light. Set in the post-apocalyptic world, Metro: Last Light takes place after the nuclear Holocaust and paints us a picture of an underground society that is trying to survive and a mutant infested desolate wasteland above ground ravaged by radiation.

While the setting itself is nothing new, Metro: Last Light does everything it can to immerse the player into the world that is falling apart and does it very successfully. While being forced to live underground while mutated monsters roam the surface and being exposed to various threats is scary on its own, the game constantly adds to that scary experience through character interaction and by portraying what life used to look like before the catastrophe through items such as children drawings.

While the gameplay does suffer a little from the technical standpoint, the scary gaming experience that Metro: Last Light provides definitely makes it worth trying out.

6. Alien: Isolation

Among numerous PS3 horror games, Alien: Isolation stands out as of the most intensive scary experiences out there. Alien: Isolation tries to capture the ambiance and the setting of the Alein movie and does it pretty successfully.

Right off the bat, the art style and the audio design capture our attention as we move through the dim areas of the space station and the creepy factor only multiplies as we find out that there is a Xenomorph roaming around freely looking for its next prey.

While the Xenomorph definitely looks scary enough, the true dread of this game comes from you being trapped in a space station with an alien and having no effective weapons against it. This is feeling is further amplified as you try to sneak around and hide from harm while constantly being stalked. The sound of the Xenomorph growling and screeching and its footsteps as it moves through the ventilation ducts are more than enough to keep anyone awake at night.

7. The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a third-person survival horror game and was released back in 2014. Back then, many have considered it to be a great PlayStation horror experience and many still consider it to be just that even today.

The plot of the video game starts off with a detective protagonist investigating a mass murder case within a mental hospital, but the game quickly spirals out of control and throws the player into a creepy unreal world.

This PS3 Horror Game offers all of the classic scary elements such as mind control experiments, zombified hordes of enemies, large humanoids wielding chainsaws and much more. This combined with the eery aesthetics of the dark forest, mental hospital and ruined cities paired up with the low supplies of weapons and ammunition makes for a well-paced horrorexperience still worth checking out today. 

8. Saw 2: Flesh And Blood

We can’t talk about PlayStation 3 horror games without adding to the list one of the titles from the famous Saw franchise, more specifically, the Saw II: Flesh and Blood title.

Released back in 2010, Saw 2: Flesh and Blood has been generally met with mixed reviews, and while the game didn’t bring a lot of new gameplay elements compared to its predecessor, it most certainly did bring many scary, gruesome and downright horrific traps and contraptions which would make any fan of the Saw movie franchise go insane.

While it doesn’t offer the greatest gameplay and graphical experience, most likely due to budget limitations, the game’s dark atmosphere, cleverly designed traps and devices and the attention to bloody and gory details surely offer one of the better horror experiences. The Last of Us is currently the fifth top-rated game for PlayStation 3 and truly provides a unique experience. 

9. Slender The Arrival

No modern horror list of any kind, let alone a PS3 horror games list would be complete without Slender Man making an appearance which is why we have chosen Slender: The Arrival as our number 10 pick.

Published back in 2014, a few years after the original Slender Man game, Slender: The Arrival offers an even more scary horror experience. While the gameplay concept doesn’t differ much from the original title, the creepy world that the game is set in has become expanded and scarier than ever.

The player can now explore numerous locations such as old mine shafts, deserted hillsides and abandoned houses which overall makes the horror experience greater and more diverse. However, the expanded world wouldn’t be that scary without the perfect ambiance which is where this game truly shines. The creepy audio and sound effects combined with the knowledge that you are constantly being stalked by multiple apparitions all make great nightmare fuel. 

The Scariest PS3 Horror Games

If you like horror games as much as we do, then this list of the best PS3 horror games should be just what you need in order to find your next favorite! We hope that it has been helpful and if not, please feel free to leave us a comment below and tell us what we missed, how stupid we are, where we screwed up or whatever you want!

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