The 11 Best MultiPlayer Wii Games For a Throwback Good Time!

When the Wii came out it was unlike anything that anyone had ever seen before, at least in terms of home consoles. Being able to physically move around for the video game was exciting a revolutionary, even if it translated better for some games than others. One of the best things about the Wii was, and is, that it brought people together, so they could play video games in a new way as a group. 

Best MultiPlayer Wii Games
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So, now when you go back to play the Wii with friends, what are the multiplayer games that you go back to? You’re going to want to stick to the best multiplayer Wii games. So, here they are:

Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort

Wii Sports Resort
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When most people think about playing the Wii with their friends, their minds usually start with making a Mii and playing Wii Sports. The original Wii Sports, which came with the console when you bought your Wii. It included tennis, golf, bowling, baseball, and boxing. Still, with over 82 million copies sold, it’s one of the best-selling games ever. No wonder Wii Sports Resort came out a few short years later, introducing users to thirteen sports, eleven of which were new to the world of Wii Sports. Meanwhile, golf and bowling saw upgrades.

These games were ideal for playing with friends, as they were quick and easy to learn. Switching between Miis rapidly, users were never bothered by the simplicity of these sports. After all, no one was going to confuse basketball on Wii Sports Resort with the 2K series. Still, it was in this simplicity that they were remarkably easy for whole groups to play and enjoy together. 

And, yes, Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resorts are technically two different games, but they’re close enough to be included here together. 

Guitar Hero 5

When Guitar Hero first came out, going back to 2005, it was extraordinary. Users were excited to go out and buy a new controller, shaped like a guitar, that they could only play one specific series of games. Still, it was a phenomenon. Several games in the series are compatible with the Wii, but Guitar Hero 5 is the best among them. Guitar Hero 5 is known for its strong soundtrack, including songs from artists like Bob Dylan, Blur, and Blink-182 among dozens of others.

There’s a lot great about Guitar Hero 5, including a career mode, making it an all around game. More importantly, multi-players can play with up to four different band members, including guitar, drums, bass, and vocals, making the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5 one of the best multiplayer Wii Games. 

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

Another of the best multiplayer Wii games is Warioware.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves seems like it was designed to be played with a large group of people. One remote lets up to twelve people play, so the designers had parties and family game nights in mind when they designed WarioWare: Smooth Moves. There’s not a ton of serious plot to WarioWare: Smooth Moves, but a career mode or story mode of some kind isn’t why you’d want to play this game anyway.

You want to play it for its sense of humor and mini-games, which are referred to as micro-games. They’re quick and varied, which helps keep your attention and stops the game from ever getting dull. 

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

The Super Monkey Ball series has a history of being an excellent game to both play alone and as a multi-player. The story mode is light-hearted, with a range of difficulty that offers a good challenge. Then, there are the mini-games that the series is better known for. Here is where most people will play with friends, choosing their monkey in a clear ball to participate in different games.

Up to four players can play in up to fifty mini-games. Among the best of those mini-games are the snowboarding, flying, racing, which is a little like Mario Kart if all the Mario Kart characters were monkeys,

Mario Party 9

By now most people know the deal with Mario Party games. Collect stars, play mini-games, fight bosses, and ultimately take on the final boss Bowser. In the case of Mario Party 9, you can play as up to twelve different characters, traveling around in a cart together.

There are a lot of reasons why Mario Party 9 is typically seen as one of the best multiplayer Wii games. For one, the mini-games are fun and most people find something that they like to play among them. More importantly, though, is that everyone knows and loves the Mario Party series before they sit down to play. Because of this, there is rarely a transition period where someone needs to learn the controls, everyone has a character they like, and no one feels left out. 

Fast Racing League

Fast Racing League is a game you may not have heard of, but there is not question that it is one of the best multiplayer Wii games.

If you’re looking for an underrated blend of racing games for the Wii, then Fast Racing League is the choice for you. Brightly colored and energetic, Fast Racing League is a great competition game to play amongst friends. The futuristic aesthetic will also help anyone who ever imagined that they’d be a Star Wars pod racer to live out their dreams. 

Like most racing games, the more races you win the better the vehicles that are available for you. There are also collectible power-ups that you can grab, making the game more challenging. Still, this is a fairly easy and very fun option for everyone. 

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Among the classic video game characters, Donkey Kong doesn’t get his due. Yes, Donkey Kong is a favorite of everyone who plays Mario Kart, but whether it was in an arcade or on home media, Donkey Kong has always had great standalone games. Donkey Kong Country Returns is no different, and in this case, it can be played with a friend. 

Donkey Kong Country Returns will remind you of classic Donkey Kong games as you work your way through different levels. Truly, the joy of going through levels that feel like a classic arcade game, with a modern twist, makes this a truly unique game as far as the best multiplayer Wii games options are concerned. 

Mario Strikers Charged

Superficially speaking, Mario Strikers Charged is a soccer game with Mario characters. In the heart of its character, it’s Mario Kart on a soccer field. You’ll have seventeen soccer fields to choose from when you play Mario Strikers Charged, and all of these fields are interactive to some extent, offering different in game power-ups and boosts to play with. That’s a ton of fun before you consider that different characters have special abilities, and you can make skill shots.

This is one of those easy to play games that is great for a group of people because they can learn it fast and get some quick competition in. Of course, the wackiness of it being a Mario game and the power-ups and special skills involved makes it a wholly unique experience too. 

Goldeneye 007

Golden eye is not just one of the best multiplayer Wii games, but one of the best multiplayer games of all time!

You may have a lot of great memories from playing Goldeneye 007 on the Nintendo 64, but it’s also a great game when played on the Wii. It’s a first-person shooter game that is based on the James Bond character. It takes its name from the James Bond film, Goldeneye, which is the first to star Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in 1995. 

The best thing about Goldeneye 007 for the Wii is that it’s basically the same as the Nintendo 64 version that still exists in the popular imagination today. The graphics are a bit smoother, and a few minor aspects are tweaked to improve the game, but by and large, it’s the same product. This makes Goldeneye 007 a great game to turn to when you and your friends are feeling nostalgic.

Mario Kart Wii

A list of the best multiplayer Wii games simply cannot include the iconic Mario Kart.

There really isn’t a more iconic Nintendo series than Mario Kart. Frankly, you could make the argument that Mario Kart is the most famous video game that has ever been made, regardless of device or console. That’s because Mario Kart games, as a series, are pure joy. They’re brightly lit, colorful, fast-paced, action packed, full of power-ups, and utilize well known characters. Everyone loves to play Mario Kart, and Mario Kart Wii is no exception.

Mario Kart Wii offers thirty-two racetracks and twenty-four characters you can play with, good graphics, and improved gameplay. In other words, at the time of its release, Mario Kart Wii was the best Mario Kart game on the market. It holds up today, and whether you prefer Rainbow Road or Luigi’s Mansion, you’re going to have fun competing with friends at Mario Kart. This makes it a great way to get a dose of nostalgia and adrenaline all in one.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

While Mario Kart might be the most famous series to play, Super Smash Bros. Brawl uses those same characters and characters who don’t appear in Mario Kart games like Sonic, to produce one of the most fun games for groups to play. With thirty-nine different characters in total, you know that everyone is going to leave satisfied with their pick. Meanwhile, you have between twenty-nine and forty-one stages available depending on how many you have unlocked. 

Getting a group together, you can find nostalgia in the characters you choose. You can find competition in the actual battle itself. The bright colors and quick pace make it a naturally fun and exciting game. The fast pace will energize your group. The best part is that, like a lot of the best multiplayer Wii games, you don’t need to have a strong knowledge of the game to win. Yes, knowing combos always helps, but people have built their Super Smash Bros. careers on button mashing. In other words, it’s great for everyone. 

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