The 10 Best Sega Saturn RPGs

Role Playing Games are always in demand throughout the video game industry, especially classics like the best Sega Saturn RPGs. RPGs allow you to step into a new World and make important decisions. Because there are so many variations of RPGs, games never get bored because there is always a new challenge on the horizon.

The Best Sega Saturn RPGs
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This article will focus on RPGs released for the Sega Saturn gaming system. With such a large and diverse collection of RPGs, which games stand out as the best Sega Saturn RPGs?  Read on to find out!

The 10 Best Sega Saturn RPGs

Dragon Force

Fist on our list of the best Sega Saturn RPGs is Dragon Force. Dragon Force is considered one of the most popular games ever released for the Sega Saturn. Dragon Force was known for its innovative experience, allowing more than 150 soldiers to battle at the same time. The game is set in Legendra, where Madruk and his evil apostles are a major threat to the land.

It’s up to you as a member of the Dragon Force to defeat Madruk and ensure that Legendra remains strong. You have the ability to play as each member of the Dragon Force. Each of the eight members has their own unique storyline. You will lead your soldiers into battle in multiple towns and castles.

While there is violence, there is also a major strategic element to the game, which makes RPGs so popular. Before the battle starts, you have the option to strategize with your opponent and possibly get them to join your side. The strategic aspect combined with great action really makes Dragon Force an immersive gaming experience.

Guardian Heroes

The fighting RPG Guardian Heroes is known for its nonstop action, creative storylines, and compelling musical selection. Guardian Heroes also stands out for being a 2D based game during the time period when the majority of Sega Saturn developers focused on creating 3D games.

Luckily, the risk paid off, as game developer Treasure created a classic game. The plot revolves around a battle between Earth and the Sky Spirits. The Sky Spirits made humans more powerful, which caused them to defeat the Earth Spirits. Eventually, the Sky Spirits turn on the powerful human wizards.

The game’s versatility gives you the choice to seek revenge against the Sky Spirits, battle Earth Spirits, or seek the supreme ruler of the universe. As you gain experience points, you can strengthen your character. Each distinct path comes with unique monsters, bosses, and levels.

Guardian Heroes is also known for having multiple endings, increasing its playback value. Gamers have also praised the musical score created by the electronic music legend Hideki Matsutake.

Vandal Hearts

Vandal Hearts is considered by many to be one of the absolute best Sega Saturn RPGs. Vandal Hearts is known for its tactical gameplay. The plot centers on Ash Lambert and the Ishtarian Security Forces as they fight to restore order to the Republic of Ishtaria. Vandal Hearts is also unique in that it provides gamers with an isometric viewpoint.

You will also notice that the environment is three-dimensional, so you can use certain angles to your advantage. Every character in the game is two-dimensional. The challenges are complex, as you may be required to defeat an entire army on one level while other challenges may ask you to kill one particular enemy. Because there are several character classes in the game, it’s easy to enjoy hours of fun with your friends.

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Panzer Dragoon Saga is viewed by many people as one of the greatest games ever released for Sega Saturn. You will be in control of a young mercenary who encounters a mysterious girl. As the mercenary Edge, you can explore gameplay riding on your dragon, battling several enemies along the way.

You also have the option to walk around and communicate with others. You will explore different environments such as deserts, canyons, forests, and hidden ruins. As you advance through the game, you can upgrade Edge’s weapons. Panzer Dragoon Saga uses a unique encounter system, where battles can start any moment based on Edge’s encounters.

There are both real time and turn based sequences. You have to be willing to adapt at any moment. Panzer Dragoon Saga was so different from previous games in the series that it has achieved legendary status. Because there are only a few playable characters, Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of the shortest top level RPGs to complete. The game’s 3D graphics and voice acting features also stand out.

Shining Force III

Another one of our picks for the best Sega Saturn RPGs is Shining Force III. Shining Force III: The game so large that it had to be released in three volumes! During the first two parts of the game, you’ll explore the story of Synbios, a powerful figure in the Republic of Aspinia and Medion, The Prince of Destonia.

The third part of the game centers on the mercenary Julian and his vengeful quest. Longtime fans of the series will note that Julian’s story ties into a storyline from the previous game: Shining The Holy Ark. Shining Force III is tactical based, relying on moves. You will be assigned a class with a simple objective: defeat your enemies.

If you are defeated in battle, the force keeps track of your experience, so you will never have to start over. In addition to common battles, you can also use exploration mode to interact with people and acquire treasure.

Albert Odyssey: Legend Of Eldean

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean is a major shift in the Albert Odyssey series. It’s the first game in the series to have an English release. It is also the first game to rely on turn based gameplay instead of tactical and strategic awareness.

Regular fans of the series will be easily immersed, as the game builds on moments from previous Albert Odyssey editions. New gamers will learn about the story of Pike, a young boy whose family was murdered while he was just a boy. When his sister suffers tragedy, Pike sets out to save her and prevent annihilation.

Legend of Eldean is unique because it provides story elements through text instead of voice acting or cinematics. The musical score was released using pulse code, which is considered more realistic than other RPGs during that time period who used MIDI based audio.

Dark Savior

Dark Savior combines multiple gameplay genres. You can explore platform jumping elements, puzzle adventure elements, and pure fighting elements. The fighting gameplay is especially unique as it features total 3D movement.

Dark Savior is also known for its isometric graphics. The plot is divided into five parallel sections. The game revolves around the bounty hunter Garian who is tasked with transporting a monster to a prison island. However, the monster escapes and Garian is tasked with capturing him before it’s too late.

The isometric graphics are a cool feature during the exploration elements. You can use the analog gamepad to control your character and the camera at the same time. Dark Savior stands out for its unique combat style and polygonal environments.

Mystaria: The Realms Of Lore

Little know, but still one of the best Sega Saturn RPGs, Mystaria: The Realms of Lore is praised by many pundits for the high level of strategy that it takes to be successful at the game, as well as the innovative graphics. The graphics use pre-rendered sprites and polygonal backgrounds. The plot centers around Prince Aragon’s quest to defeat Bane and regain his throne in Mystaria. Battles occur based on parties. You can choose to attack, retreat, or cast a spell.

The battles are non-linear and are viewed using multiple camera angles: aerial, horizontal, and 1st person. To win a battle, you will often have to complete a complex challenge such as reaching a specific destination or avoiding contact with an enemy.

Lunar: Eternal Blue

Lunar: Eternal Blue is considered by many to be one of the best video games of all time regardless of genre or console. Lunar: Eternal Blue stands out for its cinematics and compelling story. The musical score, voice acting, and animations are considered among the best in the history of Sega Saturn.

The epic continues 1,000 years after the events of Lunar: The Silver Star. You will follow the adventure as two young heroes’ team up to stop an evil ruler from destroying the World. On Hiro and Lucia’s quest to save the World, they will encounter some allies in their fight. You will complete multiple story based goals as you go through each environment.

There is over a full hour of cool story segments and cut-scenes. Eternal Blue’s complex AI allows you to create unique strategies on the battlefield, such as positioning your characters around the area to launch attacks from multiple angles.

Shining The Holy Ark

Last but not least on our list of the best Sega Saturn RPGs is Shining The Holy Ark. Shining The Holy Ark appeals to gamers by relying on popular RPG elements such as first person gameplay and turn based battle sequences. You will be immediately hooked by the graphics and compelling story line.

You will explore levels as the mercenary Arthur. Battles randomly take place as Arthur explores different towns and dungeons. Shining The Holy Ark uses a pixie system to help gamers prepare for attacks. As you progress through the game, you can seek shelter to purchase new weapons and armor or heal your injuries.

What Did We Miss?

That wraps up our picks for the best Sega Saturn RPGs. Leave a comment below if you thing we missed any great titles, want to share your memories of these games, or you just want to tell us how bad our list is!

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