The 12 Best Survival Games Android Has To Offer

The best survival games Android has to offer is an idea that I still think is amazing to think about. It’s sometimes shocking to think about how far we have come. After all, just a few short decades ago if you wanted to play video games you had to go to the arcade.

Later, different systems were made so that people could play countless games in their own homes. As those systems advanced, something else happened. Our phones became a blend of computer and phone. This means that we can play games on it, opening up a world of new games to play.

Best Survival Games Android

The survival genre of games has become one of the most popular for play on phones. Android in particular has tons of great survival games to offer, play, and explore, some of which can also be played on Apple products and some of which are exclusive to Android. 

Here are the Best Survival Games Android has to offer:

Another World

Another World is a great title for anyone feeling nostalgic, as it is based on a game from the 90s. As the name implies, your character is in a different world from the one that we commonly know. It’s a kind of parallel universe. So, what’s your goal in Another World? Get home, of course, but you’ll have to fight off tons of different enemies in the process. 

Another World is a great option for anyone looking for a retro feeling and nostalgic driven survival game for Android. It’s fun and entertaining, making it easy to play for extended periods of time. 

Don’t Starve

Second on our list of the best survival games Android has to offer is Don’t Starve. This is one of those games that isn’t subtly titled, not that most survival games are. The goal, as the name Don’t Starve implies, is to not let your character starve. Through different natural elements, you must use build shelter and collect supplies to survive. There is just one catch, monsters do come out at night, which throws a wrench in your whole operation. 

Don’t Starve is extremely popular. It actually started out as a game for PC before being converted into a mobile App for Android that you can play. This popularity is for a good reason. It’s incredibly fun, and a great game for the phone as it can easily be played quickly and from anywhere. 

Five Nights at Freddy’s

You start in a pizza shop where electronic animals are trying to catch and kill you. If that doesn’t sound exciting then nothing is. This is another game that was also available on PC before becoming an app. It proved its popularity there and that comes down to the excitement around  

The fun of Five Nights at Freddy’s is more than just the game itself, it’s that it is unique as a genre. That’s because most survival games, movies, books, and TV shows are adventure shows. Five Nights at Freddy’s, on the other hand, is more of the horror genre than it is an adventure. This makes it exhilarating and fresh in the world of survival video games and Android phone games in general. 


Imagine a fictional game that plays on a Risk board, but instead of opposing armies invading, it’s a deadly pandemic. It works like this, you need supplies and a cure for this deadly disease. You also need to make sure that it doesn’t spread around the world, because if it does, everyone is going to die and you’ll lose the game. Instead, you can win by stopping the pandemic.

What makes this game great, besides being more realistic than a lot of other survival games, is that it involves a ton of strategy. This means that it can be played over and over again without getting old. It has an addictive quality too, as you figure out how to beat the game. 

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved offers you a blend of world building, not entirely dissimilar to The Sims, with a survival game. With the dinosaurs that you’ve tamed you set up a base of operations that you build up and use to defend yourself from different attackers. You have to build everything that you have to survive with over the course of the entire game. 

This game will keep you occupied with frequent attacks that you need to defend yourself from. Meanwhile, the aesthetics pop on modern Androids with better screens. It makes the game capture your attention and become pretty addictive to play for long periods of time. 


Crashlands is a great option for anyone who wants to blend different types of gaming elements into their gameplay. From RPG to monster collecting and adventure, there is something for everyone in Crashlands. This versatility has made it incredibly popular and universal to the player. 

As is the case with many survival games, your job in Crashlands is to fight enemies on an alien plant. Where it differs is that your character is an intergalactic truck driver who, along with beating off all those enemies, needs to also build a base and deliver your packages. It’s a surprisingly deep game that offers extensive missions and craft-able aspects. 

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Just the name, Last Day on Earth: Survival, sounds post-apocalyptic, and it is in the best way. That’s part of why it has become one of the most popular Android games available on the market today. There is even an online community surrounding the game, which you can become a part of if you start playing that makes it both easier and feel more like a group effort.

By gathering resources, including less morally upright options like stealing, you can try to survive the last day on Earth. There is just the issue of enemies who are going to be attacking you that you need to fight off if you hope to beat Last Day on Earth: Survival.

Plague Inc. 

In survival games your role as the player is always just that, to survive. It can actually get a little repetitive if you’re not choosing the right games. You go from building up resources in apocalyptic landscapes while being attacked by monsters of some kind. Even in more unique games, your goal is generally to survive. That’s what makes Plague Inc. so special. In Plague Inc. it’s your job to kill everyone by creating your own disease. 

In other words, this is a strategy game where you are racing against doctors trying to cure your perfect disease by spreading it to everyone you possibly can. It’s fun, challenging, and keeps you on your toes. If you like when genres are subverted, Plague Inc. is a can’t miss Android game. 

This War of Mine

As is the case with a lot of Android games, there is a popular PC version of This War of Mine. Its popularity is what lead to it getting the Android treatment. Luckily, this one translates well to Androids and is one of the most fun and best made Android survival games available. 

The basic plotline to This War of Mine sees a collection of people in one building who are trying to survive the war that rages outside. Of course, this won’t be easy. Finding supplies is difficult and there are potentially dangerous enemies all over the place. The decisions you make are going to be difficult and they’ll have impacts on your ability to survive. Of course, enemy snipers don’t seem to have any qualms with killing random civilians. It’s exciting and challenging in the best way. 

Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival

Eventually, there was always going to be a zombie game. They’re too popular in modern culture, even if shows like The Walking Dead tried to strangle the genre with over-saturation. Still, zombies march on in games like Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival, and we’re all better off for it. After all, no game is better for nostalgic zombie apocalypse play than Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival.

Like most games in the genre, you’ll need to collect supplies and weapons to help fight off the zombies. Where Mini DayZ: Zombie Survival is so unique is that the maps are not limited. Rather, they are unique and generated on a procedural basis. This means that you always get to have a unique game experience. 

Radiation Island

Yes, another zombie game. Radiation Island sees you make your own weapons and then use them to fight off the zombies. Of course, here the zombies fit the role of a monster who everyone is going to recognize more than anything else. They’re zombies, but they’re really more like humanoid enemies to defend yourself from than anything else. 

What makes Radiation truly special and unique, however, is that it doesn’t have to be a single player game. Rather, this is an Android game that can be played as a multiplayer experience. That means you and your friends can play together and get to enjoy the survival structure as a group. Seeing as the game is made as a mobile app, you don’t even have to be a group in the same place. 

Grand Battle Royale

Last buy not least of the best survival games Android has to offer is Grand Battle Royale. Grand Battle Royale looks like it could have been animated by someone who was aware of what legos were but never played with them and didn’t have the licensing rights anyway. In other words, it has a fun and classic cartoonish look to it, which is a good thing. Of course, it’s also more violent than your average cartoon is going to be.

As a game, Grand Battle Royal is probably going to remind you of Fortnite. It places you on a map with a large number of other players, which forces you to build up structures quickly, find weapons, and take out your opponents before they take out you. It blends skill and strategy, making it a fun and fast-paced game to play on your phone. 

You can check out all the survival games for Android here.

Wrapping Up The Best Survival Games Android Has To Offer

Well, love it or hate it, that’s our list. Do you think we missed one of the best survival games Android has to offer? Do you hate our picks and want to let us know? Leave a comment below.

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