The Best Atari 5200 Games of All Time

The best Atari 5200 games is a fun debate that can only be had with old school gamers. This iconic video game console stands the test of time, and the nostalgic games will live on in our hearts forever. There’s something special to playing these classic games that are truly irreplaceable.

Best Atari 5200 Games

Memories of playing the Atari on your old-school television with your friends is something you still talk about today. It can be difficult to narrow down the best Atari 5200 games with so many selections but check out these top 20. Each of them is a hidden gem to the Atari 5200 collection. 

The Best Atari 5200 Games Of All Time

1. Berzerk 

The simplicity of Berzerk makes a classic that never dies. You’ll operate a green stick man as you navigate through over 1,000 different mazes and shoot lasers at enemy robots. The enemy robots change different colors based on their level of difficulty. To add fuel to the fire, you are relentlessly chased by a bouncing ball antagonist named Otto, who stalks you through each screen that you navigate. The voice synthesizer adds a heightened fear factor to make this game truly addicting. 

2. Super Breakout

Next on our list of the best Atari 5200 games is Super Breakout. Super Breakout is the sequel to the original Breakout arcade game with three added game modes (see below). You’ll love maneuvering your paddle and ball back and forth through the colorful and destructible bricks. It’s nonstop action that you can play alone or with a partner. 

  • Double allows you control of two paddles and balls at the same time
  • Progressive mode advances the wall and speed as the ball continues to stay in play
  • Cavity has two paddles and one ball, but you can free them inside pockets on the screen

3. Zaxxon 

The axonometric projection gives this game an experience like none other. You’ll navigate your ship through a hoard of enemies, electric force fields, and block walls all while keeping a close eye on your fuel level. You’ll feel like a true pilot trying to clear walls and steer around various obstacles. The fast-paced action will keep you coming back again and again! 

4. Defender

Space games and Atari go together like peanut butter and jelly. Defender is a challenging and exhilarating game that puts you in the driver’s seat of a spaceship as you fend off relentless waves of aliens and protect astronauts at the same time. You’ll be tempted to use one of your “smart bombs” to dispose of the enemy personnel. The horizontal back and forth action make you feel like you are actually on an outer space mission.

5.Missle Command 

In this heart-racing game, you’ll protect six different cities from a barrage of missiles. Your precision skills will continue to advance as you navigate the crosshair and stop missiles in their tracks. The variety of weapons and different levels of difficulty keep the replay value of this game very high. 

6. Ms. Pacman

Ms. Pacman was one of the most iconic arcade games ever created, and the Atari port does not disappoint. Navigating Ms. Pacman through the various mazes while ghosts are hot on your tail makes for an exhilarating gameplay experience.  

Grabbing the “power pellets” that give you a brief period of invincibility is the hallmark of the game. You’ll also enjoy trying to collect the special items that include everything from cherries to pretzels. Ms. Pacman is the sequel to Pacman, and it has a lot more add-ons that will keep you coming back for more. 

7. Centipede

You won’t have time to blink with the fast-paced action of this game. Spiders, giant centipedes, poisonous mushrooms, and beetles are just some of the enemies that you’ll face as you shoot your laser relentlessly. Trying to shoot the centipede as it wiggles through the screen is addictive and fun. Just be careful of when it splits in two!

8. Choplifter

Another of the best Atari 5200 games is Choplifter.

Atari’s games were known for pitting you as the hero, and Choplifter is no exception to the rule. In Choplifter, you’ll fight to rescue prisoners of war as tanks and fighter choppers attack you. The challenge is never-ending as you can only hold 16 passengers in your chopper, and each stage has 64 POWs. Fire comes from every direction, and you’ll need to be quick as you rescue your targets. Just be careful not to land on them! 

9. Pole Position

Even in today’s gaming world, the graphics and gameplay of this racing simulator are impressive. The distinct colors and the realistic environments create an entrenching gameplay experience.  The competitive nature of this game keeps you coming back for more, as you’ll need to qualify in a time trial before you can compete in the Grand Prix. Learning to become a Grand Prix racer will take lots of practice to keep you hooked for hours on end.

10. Dig Dug

Maze games were also popular with the Atari brand, and Dig Dug takes a different spin. You will navigate your player through different mazes as you are pursued by dragons that breathe fire and Pookas that look like large tomatoes with goggles.

The most satisfying part of Dig Dug is your bicycle pump weapon to inflate your enemies until they pop. Their heads will continue to get bigger and bigger until they explode. Enemies will move faster as the stages progress, so your aim will have to be spot on!

11. Q-bert

The premise of Q-bert is to change all the colors of the pyramid to the goal color. The beginning stage only requires one jump to change the color, and it advances as the stages progress.

You’ll also have to work around different enemies, including snakes, red balls, and indistinct purple enemies, The enemies in the later stages are capable of reverting cubes to their original colors. The excellent controls, sound effects, and varying difficulty will keep you on the edge of your seat.

12. Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi are some of the most well-known video game characters in video game history.  The goal of this game is pretty simple. Defeat all the enemies in each phase without getting killed. Hitting the “POW” block is exciting, and you’ll love playing this game with a partner. 

13. Robotron:2084

Robotron is intense, addicting, and heart-wrenching all wrapped in one. The goal is to defeat armies of enemy robots and rescue survivors, and you’ll be equipped to shoot in every direction as enemies hurl themselves at you. It’s also a unique game that you can use two joysticks to move the character, and the other fires your weapon. The sound effects are classic and truly from the future. 

14. Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

Pitfall II takes everything about the original game and takes it up a notch. You’ll control Harry as you cross through treacherous caverns, swim through daunting bodies of water, and use balloons to elevate to uncharted territory. This version includes a checkpoint system to keep you entertained while avoiding frustration. 

15. Joust

Flying through the air on a space ostrich never seems to get old. In Joust, you’ll battle against other knights, and control the speed of your ostrich by how often the wings flap. It’s fun to tap the action button repeatedly and watch your bird fly through the air. Once you “pop” your enemy, you’ll quickly run to collect the egg before it hatches or falls into the lava. It’s multiplayer gaming at its finest!

16. Vanguard

Star Wars fans are going to love this one! You will be a pilot in control of a spaceship flying through different zones with a boss at the end of each one. You will get more fuel with each enemy that you destroy, and the gun you operate can fire in four different directions. 

17. Popeye

Olive Oil’s hearts dropping from the sky, bottles flying in your direction, and Bluto wanting to knock your block off create a memorable game. Of course, you can’t forget eating the can of spinach that gives Popeye the invincibility to knock Bluto to the ground. It won’t be long before he’s back on your tail, so don’t hold your breath. 

18. Qix

Qix is a puzzle game that will keep you hooked. Whoever thought using rectangles would be so satisfying and fun? You’ll be tasked with closing off sections of the screen using rectangles while Qix tries to disrupt your work. You’ll have to move quickly since you lose a life for any unconnected part that Qix touches. The action-packed game paired with the puzzle dynamic makes for an awesome gaming experience. 

19. Space Invaders

What do you know? Another space-themed Atari game that does not disappoint. Space Invaders is a shooter-style game that puts you in the cockpit against aliens descending towards Earth. You are the last line of defense to save humanity from the barrage of furious space visitors. Team up with friends or fight alone in this action-packed thriller. 

20. Mr. Do’s Castle

Last but not least on our list of the best Atari 5200 games is Mr. Do’s Castle. Combining elements of Donkeykong and Pacman, Mr. Do’s Castle rounds out the top 20 best Atari 5200 games. A hammer is your weapon of choice as you go up and down ladders to fight monsters. There are collectibles like cherries and letters to keep you engaged. 

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Wrapping Up The Best Atari 5200 Games

That’s it for our picks of the best Atari 5200 games of all time. What did you think of our list? Like it, love it, or hate it, leave a comment and let us know why below.

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