Best GameCube RPGs: Top Picks and Hidden Gems

Gamecube RPGs

The Nintendo GameCube, while not as iconic as some of its counterparts, is home to a selection of memorable and cherished role-playing games (RPGs). Although its competitor, the PlayStation 2, may be more widely known for its vast array of RPGs, the GameCube’s library should not be overlooked by fans of the genre. Despite having … Read more

10 Best 4 Player GameCube Games For An Oldschool Party

Nintendo Gamecube

Remember the simple times, having friends over and playing video games all night? If you were lucky you could con your parents into making some pizza rolls. Sometimes things could get intense, but that was just part of the fun. Playing games with multiple people became much easier with the advent of MMORPG’s, and even … Read more

11 Of The Worst GameCube Games Ever Made

Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo is, and it will always be the big N. It has reached our life of entertainment, emotion, and hours of happiness and anguish. The truth is that Nintendo has also been responsible for making us spend money on games that were not good enough. Additionally, it has forced us to suffer in front of … Read more