11 Of The Best Sega Genesis RPGs Ever Made

Sega Genesis RPGs

During the 16-bit era of the console wars, the Sega Genesis had a pretty daunting task: compete with the uber-popular Super Nintendo (which had a hype train behind it like you wouldn’t believe).  However, I think the Genesis definitely held its own at the time, especially in terms of its catalog of RPGs. In fact, … Read more

Iconic NES Soundtracks: The Best NES Music Ever Created

Best NES Music: Controllers

Whether it was one incredible piece of music or an entire soundtrack, the NES contained some of the most iconic video game music ever created. When the Nintendo Entertainment System was first released in Japan in 1983, it was known as the Famicom (or Family Computer). Over the next decade, Nintendo didn’t just create some … Read more

12 Of The Best PS1 RPGs Ever Made

Playstation 1

Nobody bet on the Sony console in the debut of the turbulent era with which the 32-bit generation began. The reality is that PlayStation devastated all other rivals due to a multitude of excellent ideas a few had come up with. For the PS1 RPG genre, the arrival of CDs allowed to expand the size … Read more