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All About Video Game You Need to Know

When it comes to the phrase of a video game, what do you think, guys?

A sicky and overweight person is addicted to living in an unreal world, right?

Although it might be the case for some of the time, video games actually give us much more such as:

  • Video games teach and enforce teamwork.
  • Video games teach you multitasking.
  • Video games help to deal with depression or stress.
  • Not all the video games include violent contents.

If you have an idea of becoming a video game designer or want to know anything related to this industry like video game ideas or how to make a video game,

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How to become a video game designer?

Before finding out your career path in this field, you should know that,

Video game design is a COMPETITIVE business.


You NEED TO force yourself in order to guarantee a position as a junior designer.

So, how to become a video game designer?

Let’s get right to it now!

video game designer

Get more familiar with Game Design

The first and foremost thing is to understand the difference between game development and game design.

Game development relates to the making of games, from animation to the engine programming. Meanwhile, game design is the creation of storylines, new game concepts, and mechanics.

It’s similar to the difference between the engineer who builds a car and the driver of the car.

Got it?

When it comes to the overall process of making games, both positions are equally IMPORTANT.

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The game designers give direction and input to the game developer while the game developersprovide feedbacks with their improvements to the game.

In sum, they both need each other to make the best video game.

Get an Education

Finding the best college definitively helps your career progress since some often offer:

  • More networking chances
  • More connections to this industry
  • More internship opportunities

If you’re wavering between two schools, it’s best to opt for the one with the better reputation.

And here are some of the game design courses that you can consult.

Computer science

This course gives everything about how computers work and why they work. You will learn:

  • programming methodologies
  • input/output
  • operating systems
  • algorithms
  • and more

Studying the necessity which computers run will bring you to a clear design direction.

Game design

It can be said that the most essential part of becoming a video game designer is to learn to design games.

In this course, you will learn:

  • game logic
  • structure of design
  • mechanics
  • storyboarding
  • how to produce game design documents, character profiles, etc.
  • And more


Sometimes, a designer may be required to start a position as a developer and do simple coding jobs to make the game operate more smoothly.


You need to get into the programming course to perform this transition well.

Mathematics and Logic

You need to understand both terms because they are necessary

  • to express your game ideas about mechanics design
  • to calculate a route between two points

Other things to learn at college

Above all others, learning at college should be a fun experience.

If you love music, try to take a music course. It’s because games always need elemental sounds or soundtracks to make them valuable.

Or taking creative classes or anything that creates business and leadership skills is necessary as well.

Get work experience from an internship

video game designer 2

While you are still at the college, please think about internships and work experience to fortify your dream career.

In reality,

Employers prefer students with work experience in this industry. Hence, if you secure at least one position, you will get a better chance.

How to find an internship?

Search for recruiting websites, then take notes some suitable positions and apply CV.

And always remember to be PATIENT because you may get rejection letters at first.

Additionally, be cautious about not being paid for your internship. Although it’s common, try to negotiate to get a good deal.

Get a job

Your career path doesn’t stop at the college since not all people can walk straight to a studio and get a job.

You need to apply for many positions with many companies and be prepared to join a studio which may not be your favorite at first.

Getting a job at a studio is a multi-stage process that you will welcome different types of interviews and assessments.

Until you finish to the final interview and they said you got the job, congratulations! You will become a video game designer and start promoting yourself in this career path.

How to make a video game?

After getting the job you want, it’s time to create your own video game.

First of all,

You should understand that making an innovative game is as tough as creating a HIT song. It needs a combination of innovation and hard work, an even a bit of genius to boot.

Here we guide you on how to make a video game that is playable. Importantly, it’s not as crazy as you may think because you just spend your time and patience.

Down here to know!

Have a concept

How to make a video game

The first and foremost point is to think about what you are going to perform before starting with your game at top speed.

Let’s imagine the type of game you want to create!


Make sure it’s in your limitations because you’re a new game designer.

Avoid carrying out the hardest thing, i.e. making a huge 3D world. Although it doesn’t mean you cannot do, it’s best to expand or change later.

Now, allow us to show some suggestions of things!

  • Understand the kind of game you want to create like RPG, shooter, platformer, etc.
  • Understand the budget (there are both free and premium selections).
  • Understand the basic plot (if you can think about something complex, try to express some general game ideas of the game’s objective).
  • Understand the length of your game.
  • Understand your skill (the best thing is to begin at something simple and create from there).

Select the suitable software

The next thing is to find the suited game-making software that is appropriate for your level to get the job done.

Depending on your budget and ability, you can find lots of both free and premium tools, with each highlights its features for making a video game of your own design.

Here we will show you some of the best choices to CONSIDER!

RPG Maker VX Ace

If you want to familiarize yourself with the concepts of combat and level design, storytelling, and ways to balance aspects in the game, RPG Maker VX Ace is what you need.

As you know, the deep gameplay is the vital highlight to RPG’s fans.

And to program the problematic part of the game’s system, RPG Maker VX DOES an excellent job, permitting you to concentrate on the system rather than creating and coding the engine.

The 90s Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest games are both great examples that were made by this software.

You can get RPG Maker VX Ace from its website or on Steam by paying an amount of money. Or try a trial version before deciding to buy.

There is a free version as well, RPG Maker VX Ace Lite. However, the features are limited as compared to the paid version.

Watch this clip to get a better view

IG Maker

IG Maker takes the simple user interface and template format of the RPG Maker and then applies to various genres, mainly action RPGs and 2D platformers. When it comes to gameplay and visuals, this software also gives more flexibility than RPG Maker.

In fact,

IG Maker is an excellent addition to RPG Maker to make your game look better.


As its name suggests, GameMaker is described as an inclusive tool that allows you to create 2D lush games without required experience. Aside from showing a learning curve, its active community and online tutorials help you create everything from platformers to side-scrolling shooters with ease.

Its light version is free of charge; however, you have to pay over $500 for premium versions.


With up to 120,000 registers, Stencyl has published over 10,000 games across a variety of platforms like iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

This simple program doesn’t require any coding knowledge, but tech-savvy types prefer to write to bring more advanced features and environmental behaviors.

Unlike other software, Stencyl asks for a subscription service. Although you have to pay a fee of $200 every year for the most expansive version, you also receive different discounts.

Construct 2

Similar to GameMake, Construct 2 is another premium game-making software. It includes an active, informative user community and a superior trial version that are enough for newbies to this industry.

Besides, the HTML5-based game engine is particularly designed to make plenty of 2D games from platforms to arcade classics. Even, its interface and game-development simplicity are better than GameMaker.

You can easily preview and port your games to Mac, Linux, PC, the Firefox Marketplace, the Chrome Web Store, Android, and iOS.


As an open-source game maker, Flixel is entirely free for both personal and commercial use.

It’s created from the ground up the third version of the object-oriented programming language made for controlling 2D vector animation, Actionscript 3. Also, it’s compatible with a vast choice of free development tools that render the software as one of the most customizable to date.

What’s more,

Flixel boasts its ability to build film-strip style animations and 2D side-scroller that highlight a nearly fixed perspective.

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 is used widely to createan authoritative standard of AAA game development. Here are some popular games that you may know such as Gears of Wars, Unreal Tournament, Kingdom Hearts III, and other engine powered games.

You can download and use this software for free. Besides, it offers the plethora of resources and tutorials for creators all levels.


How to make a video game under the 3D formatting?

Aside from Unreal Engine 4 above, Unity is your answer at this point. It’s a completely-fledged development that is created for making remarkable 3D games on a budget.

Its free version is used for both personal and commercial use. However, if you want a pro version, just pay a required fee.

In our opinion, the free version is good since it has enough features and intricate design elements that even satisfy a veteran gamer.

Create the environments and characters

We all know that,

Video games are created around a group of characters and environments. And each is designed a particular way for a specific aim, bringing a different look and feel that make them outstanding.

The best way to create a significant group is to sketch out your concepts in basic form before turning them more inclusively.

No matter what you’re working in two or three dimensions, Adobe Systems, particularly Photoshop, will be the main benefit for your game.

Or you can try other programs that require a little money as GIMP. Or use GraphicsGale for creating pixel art in case that you don’t like to use both Photoshop and GIMP.

If you’re looking for ways to create the game that avails 3D model, Maya and Blender are two popular 3D software that are available for free on Mac and Windows. Although both are hard to learn, they are industry standard for developing video games.

Publish the game

It’s quite difficult to emphasize how much of the video game base on the trial-and-error process.

Don’t irritate! Try to read the software forums carefully to get everything you need.

And when your game is ready for the market, PUBLISH it now.

Don’t mind that it’s big or little, DO it and get the feedback from the gaming community!

How to come up with video game ideas?

Now, you know how to make a video game, don’t you?


You have no idea of where to start and where to get the game ideas.

We will continue to support you by giving some of theways that you can use to create the great ideas.

Select a genre and follow it

There are lots of genres.

So, try to think about your favorites such as racing, FPS, RPG, etc. Then hone in a specific one and start with it.

Select a niche and follow it

If the genre is TOO large, another option is to choose a niche.

For instance, instead of selecting a racing game, you can go deep into the sci-fi racing game.

Ask people what they’d like to play

video game ideas

Don’t mind asking for help and don’t be afraid of someone may steal your video game ideas!

Simply ask your friends or your member of the family what they’d love to play.

Who knows they can give some excellent thoughts and then you will turn theirs come true.

Sounds great, right?

Ask people what they would not like to play

We often don’t know what we want until we get it.


It will be easier for people to tell you what they don’t like.

For instance, if you ask them what they want to eat for lunch, you might not get the right answer. So, try to ask whether they don’t want to eat Chinese or Mexican dishes, you get the answer instantly.

At this point, you can avail the process of elimination to see what people don’t like to play.

See the whole world

Our world is a marvelous and fantastic place. There are also bizarre people in it.

Try to spend your time every day and notice people’s interactions. What attracts you? Would any of it help to create a good game?

The more you observe the world, the cooler thing you can discover.

Jot down any ideas

game ideas

Jot down every single thought in your head on paper and don’t consider them within 15 minutes! After that, review and perhaps you can find golden ideas.

Every idea, word or even a hint of thought helps you find a way to acquire good game ideas.

Read books

What’s your all-time favorite book? What are the elements in the book that you find attracting? The settings, the characters, the actions, etc.?

Any element might serve as strong brainstorming tools or ideal jumping-off points for creating an idea.

Watch movies, TVs, and all things on screen

Similar to reading books, try to think of your favorite movies or TV shows.

What attracts you? What makes them stand out? Etc.

CONSIDER these elements as starting points for starting a new game.

Learn by observing

Let’s think of video games!

What’re your favorite ones? Which one have you played most? Etc.

The existing game sometimes give amazing ideas for the video game you are going to make.

Although you are not allowed to copy them completely, using them for inspiration is an ideal option as well.

Final thoughts

video game ideas

That’s all for everything you want to know about the video game.

How to become a video game designer, how to make a video game, and how to come up with video game ideas?

All are explained carefully above. As long as you read all, nothing is too complicated.

In case you want to know more about this industry, don’t mind contacting us now.

We’re ready to support you anytime!