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Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave and How to Create It?

It can be said that Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave is a great method because it helps to add defensive stats to particular clothing items such as outfits, headwear and under armor.

An excess of 220 Energy and 220 Physical is the number you can receive.

But, what you should do to acquire it in this game a ccurately? Don’t worry since we show you how to do!

Let’s go!

fallout 4 ballistic weave

What do you need to create the Ballistic Weave?

Creating the Ballistic Weave is a step-by-step process with some prerequisites. And before developing it, you need to:

  • Gain a rank in the Armorer Perk. A rank of 4 is necessary to expand maximum protection.
  • Become a membership in the Railroad. You can have it by joining the Freedom Road and Tradecraft quests.
  • Complete at least one Railroad safe-house quest appointed at the Railroad.
  • Finish at least one Jackpot Quest nominated by PAM in the Railroad HQ.

Whenever you’ve fulfilled these above requests, view around Railroad HQ to catch Tinker Tom and then establish a friendly conversation. If he mentions the Cache you’ve explored, he also suggests to check his goods for sale. Remember to do so.

Finishing this order will give an invisible effect of establishing an entirely new modding capacity for your characters. However, the change isn’t definite. Even, you will not know until you visit an Armor crafting station and carry one of the eligible kinds of cloth-based under armor.

Now, you will catch a new option for Weave Mods on the suitable armors. In case you don’t already own one, Tom will sell prefab suits that can be upgraded with Weave mods. Or you can take Army Fatigues from Gunners in some of the destinations as they are ideal for Weave augmentation.

Here is other eligible armor such as Baseball Uniform, Green Shirt and Combat Boots, Tattered Rags, Dirty Army Fatigues, Minuteman Outfit, and Military Fatigues.

How to create Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave?

Make sure you not miss any step or creating Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave might not take place smoothly.

fallout 4 ballistic weave 2

First of all, you need Ballistic Fiber as a raw material. Let’s enter Goodneightbor at K-L-EO’s shop in batches on 25 to purchase it.

After having the Fiber, continue heading to an Armor crafting station. Then choose any suit of eligible armor and build a Level 5 Ballistic Weave mode.

Now, you acquire a 110/110 defense. And as long as you’ve taken an under armor such as Army Fatigues, you are might stack chest, arm, and leg plating on top for more defensive bonuses.

However, the fun part is not over yet, guys.A few of hats are also available for the Ballistic Weave. The only one you’ve examined so far is the Newsboy Cap.

So, the effects of the hat and under armor layer stack, supporting your defense to a remarkable number of 220/220 as you expect.

fallout 4 ballistic weave 3

Other Ballistic Weaves to consider

Aside from the Ballistic Weave, Fallout 4 also includes other great ones, including:

  • Ballistic Weave Mk2 – Energy Resistance and Improved Damage
  • Ballistic Weave Mk3 – Energy Resistance and Better Damage
  • Ballistic Weave Mk4 – Energy Resistance and Superior Damage
  • Ballistic Weave Mk5 – Energy Resistance and Exceptional Damage

To sum up

Now, you know how to create Fallout 4 Ballistic Weave, right? Start performing instantly so that you can own the powerful method to add more defense to your clothing items. From there, you can fight against the enemies and wipe out them soon.

Good luck to you, guys!