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How Many Stages of Game Development? Here is the Answer

Our world is always shaken by excellent games every year. And millions of gamers start gathering online to buy it, then play, relish moments and wait for the next versions.

But, not everyone indeed has a clear view of how video games are made, how many stages of game development, etc.

The industry of video game is varied and wholly stacked, yet still fresh with new ideas are coming on the screen. And its process is becoming more sophisticated and delicate.

This article is for those who are video games fans and who want to know more about the game development. Down here now, guys!

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What is a video game development?

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Video game development is defined as a diverse field. It’s a hybrid of game design and production and asks for necessary skills from both fields, creating the root of a video game developer’s knowledge.

A video game developer often plays a vital role in the formation of a video game, leading the project via different phases.

All in all, video game development is a vast field where students who study it need to decide which role on a development team they want to follow.

Here are some of the positions on a team including game producer, game artist, graphic designer, level designer, audio specialist, programmer, storyline editor, and creative writer.

How many stages of game development?

Note that this is an important part that you should not miss while learning about this field. With 4 primary stages of game development, all create a workflow that you need to follow carefully.

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Phase 1 – Prototyping (known as The Fun part)

The first part is always The Fun part, literally. It’s also the critical part that game developers don’t bypass.

Let’s begin with some nice ideas on game mechanics or perhaps some interesting animations. In many cases, it’s a rough idea of what you want to create. And that’s the reason why game jams are so popular.

Anything comes and goes without limits. And if something doesn’t work, it’s okay to start again with another idea.

So, if you’re indeed living from game development, there will be a place that you can stick with one of the prototypes. Or you can take an opinion that has worked before and made the game since you need to create revenue quite soon.

In case you are doing as your hobby or at least not relating to the income, prototyping might take a long time without ever having any results. However, it’s the most fun phase of game development.

Phase 2 – Centralizing the concept and defining deadlines

This part is mainly working to try and turn the prototype into a full game.

Let’s imagine! You will make the best game ever (or not). All the fantastic stuff the game will have, and all the work need to be fit in a certain number of months (or even more).

With each game project, there is always a turning point where the game is either a real game or a failed one. It might be a tough thing to do right since sometimes a failed game just asks for some small chances to turn it into a real game. Or sometimes a game is indeed a failed one because you waste too much time.

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Phase 3 – Face up to the difficulty

If youget a game in the previous part, let’s continue finding yourself on a long road of adding features and content. Here you begin to add weeks or even months to your game development time.

There will be significant features taking days of work for obvious changes or even there will be bugs. And this is the time that lots of developers decide to stop.

It can be said that this phase is the hardest one to finish.

Phase 4 – Hope for the best

In case you didn’t get dispirited from the previous part, this phase will be the release day.

Of course, you have to release your game into the world. Whether people will throw rocks, tell the others how bad it is, praise it, etc., that’s the only way to know.

Or post some articles about releasing the game firstly such as which day, which time, what the best platforms to release, and so on. Although these articles won’t help you, they will create the best intentions after all.

Releasing the game is indeed hoping for the best. What you can perform is to try to be smart when to release. And don’t forget to contact EVERYONE.

As one of the most wrecking and depressing phases, try to SURVIVE and SUCCEED so that you can start all over again with the part one.

In sum

Now, you find the necessary answers for questions about different stages of game development as well as its definition, right?

Believe that you can survive in this field? What should you do to load more information about this broad field? Etc.

All depend on you, guys. Think carefully and make your choice!