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FF9 Walkthrough of the first part

The game was developed aboard Final Fantasy VIII. Visualized by developers as a retrospective of the series, it departed from the art movement settings of ultimate Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII by returning to the medieval variant of the primary six installments. Consequently, it had been influenced heavily by the first Final Fantasy, and options allusions to the remainder of the games. Despite this approach, the game did introduce new options to the series, like “Active Time Event” cut scenes, “Mognet”, and ability systems.

ff9 walkthrough

Final Fantasy IX was free to crucial acclaim. It’s typically cited by critics and fans collectively of the most effective Final Fantasy games, and holds the very best Metacritic score of the series. Final Fantasy IX was commercially sure-fire, commercialism quite five million copies worldwide by March 2003 and about 5.5 million copies by February 2016. It had been re-released in 2010 as a PSOne Classic on the PlayStation Store; this version was compatible with PlayStation three and PlayStation moveable, and PlayStation Vita support arrived in 2012. Within the late 2010s, ports that include minor gameplay and graphical enhancements were free for iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation four, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

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Plot of the game

Final Fantasy IX is a 2000 role-playing game developed and printed by Square for the PlayStation game console. It’s the ninth game within the main Final Fantasy series and therefore the last to debut on the first PlayStation. The plot centers on the implications of a war between nations in a very medieval fantasy world referred to as Gaia.

ff9 walkthrough 2

Players follow Bandit Zidane Tribal, who kidnaps Alexandrian princess Til Alexandros XVII as a part of a gambit by the neighboring nation of Lindblum. He joins Garnet and a growing number of characters on a probe to require down her mother, Queen Brahne of Alexandria, who started the war. The plot shifts once the player learns that Brahne may be a pawn of an additional ominous threat, Kuja, World Health Organization shares a mysterious history with Zidane spanning 2 worlds. This post you’re reading is written and serves as a FF9 Walkthrough.

This article is written as a FF9 walkthrough and it will provide you clear guidance to get through the very first part of the game. It will also show you the exact location of all the items that could be found in the first part of the game.

Prima Vista – FF9 Walkthrough

As you explore the area you may see a lamp within the center. Before lighting it, proceed to the top space and check the left and right sides for forty seven Gil and a beverage. Once you’ve got them, go the candle within the middle and light-weight it. You’ll be able to use no matter name you wish if you’re uncomfortable with Zidane. The remainder of the mythical being crew comes in and also the terribly 1st battle ensues.

ff9 walkthrough 3

Now, since there aren’t many enemies in this first part, this FF9 walkthrough will mostly focus on you the exact location of all the items that could be found in the first part of the game.

Boss Battle – Masked Man – FF9 Walkthrough

You can’t extremely do a lot of at now therefore simply attack, however, solely once you steal all of Baku’s things. Stealing may be a key component during this game, because it can ultimately verify the ability of Zidane’s felony talent a lot of late within the story. Steal from everybody and everything the maximum amount as doable.

ff9 walkthrough 4

At some purpose close to the top of the mission in forming once Baku prompts for a response from Zidane, tell him “kidnap Queen Brahne” sixty four times for a wee little bit of additional dialogue with Ruby. Giving the proper answer, “kidnap princess Garnet” concludes the meeting. The intro sequence continues, when that you may gain management of somebody else in inside Alexandria.

Alexandria – FF9 Walkthrough

You start off dominant the black mage, Vivi. Before you proceed, check the barrels on the left facet of wherever you fell to searching out a potable. Enter the space right across the barrels and check the bed on the left to snag Grandma’s nine Gil savings; look beneath the table next to the ladder for a potable then climb up the ladder to examine the drawer for a Fang Card.

ff9 walkthrough 5

Exit and head south to the palace entrance: a Lizard Man Card and a Sahagin Card are yours once you examine the buildings at the farthest end. Check the rear of the sculpture for a potable and therefore the lower left corner of the screen for a Zombie Card. Once you’ve got everything, proceed north, whereas check the edges to seek out another potable (left-hand side around all the fruit and bread baskets and exit this section of the city.

To the proper hand facet there’s a barrel with a potable. To the left check the barrel that lies between the tables for a Flan Card. On the left wall check the lit bay for twenty seven Gil. In order to find out more of the items, read on this FF9 Walkthrough.

Exit and check the grass across from the edifice to gather thirty three Gil and a hob Card then head left. With the proper facet of the road is that the Item Shop; enter to seek out thirty eight Gil on the ground.

ff9 walkthrough 6

Proceed to future screenings, this space has the ticket office at its center, however you do not get to go there nevertheless. Enter the Synthesis look at the proper facet of the screen, it’s closed. However, you’ll obtain associate Ether within the back corner. Bear the hall to the Weapons look. Walk back towards the hall for a Remedy. Exit the look and sit down with Hippaul (standing simply left off the look closer to the trail up). He can tell you he has hidden his 3 precious cards. You will find them in an exceedingly bit. At very cheap left corner of the bridge could be a Phoenix Pinion.

Continued round the border of the circle, there’s associate lodge, however, nothing for you there except for associate optional scenic. Outside the hostel some children square measure, enjoying jump rope. Have Vivi is part of them and you will receive rewards upon achieving a precise variety of consecutive jumps.

ff9 walkthrough 7

You can do that mini game currently or wait till Disc three. For the latter, you’ll be able to solely be part of if Vivi or Eiko square measure in your party. Rewards: twenty Jumps: ten Gil; fifty Jumps: Cactuar Card; a hundred Jumps: Genji Card; two hundred Jumps: Alexandria Card; three hundred Jumps: Tiger Racket Card; a thousand Jumps: King of Jump Rope.

You can visit the person at the ticket office currently, or return when reading many additional things (If you are doing not wish to miss things, skip to successive paragraph). Some folks on successive 2 screens can say various things before and when you have checked your price tag. Exiting the circle to the left, successive screen simply has dialogue and an indication to browse.

Continue on to successive screen. Once following this FF9 Walkthrough correctly, you’ll be able to find numbers of valuable Cards. The first entrance on the correct is Ilia’s House. She’s going to either run into it or out of it once you enter this space. Once she is outside, you’ll enter and go upstairs to seek out three Gil close to the window. Downstairs within the corner by the stove you’ll realize Eye Drops.

ff9 walkthrough 8

Exit the house and enter the Chapel round the corner. Walk round the inside outer wall for a Tent and a beverage. Go up the ladder and pull the rope to induce Hippaul’s Ironite, hob and Fang Cards. Exit the church, head down the steps and up the ramp to speak to the little boy Tom. Tell him you may facilitate realize his kitty. Mittens are all the method back at the opposite end of Alexandria of the sculpture. Refer to the cat and Tom can show up. Follow him back to his original location and he can provide you with a Bomb Card.

If you haven’t already, go ‘peek inside’ the business office — sadly, your price ticket is faux. However, the price ticket salesperson can provide you with a hob Card, another Fang Card, and a Skeleton Card.

ff9 walkthrough 9

To address Vivi’s price ticket drawback, head for the Alley wherever you may meet the rat child once more. If you haven’t gathered the things higher than, say no and go get them before reproofing him again! Comply to be his slave and tell him the coast is evident. The person that seems once Puck runs off with the ladder is street Jack. Speak to him to be told concerning Final Fantasy 9’s game Tetra Master. 

The card game is often tough and you haven’t saved yet! I would suggest not taking part in Jack currently. Undergo the tutorial however head back to the chapel once you are done. Within the chapel a daily Moogle and Stiltzkin can show up. The regular Moogle can do plenty of your save/load functions and Stiltzkin could be a traveling bourgeois, commerce rare merchandise starting from things to instrumentation. Whenever you run into Stiltzkin, try and purchase from him, particularly his bundle offers. This FF9 Walkthrough suggests you to save your game and study magnet by speech Kupo.

ff9 walkthrough 10

Also, whenever you encounter a Moogle in an exceedingly city or town, access the Mognet cache to see if they need any letter for an additional Moogle. Deliver each letter to their recipient, and you may be able to access Mognet Central late within the game. That said, Kupo encompasses a Letter to Monty (who is in Evil Forest).

Now that you’ve got saved, you’ll be able to go get any things you’ve got incomprehensible, play jump rope for prizes, or return to the building and play cards against back street Jack. After you are prepared, climb the ladder and continue once Puck, the Rat child.

Once you get to the left, Puck can head up; get the twenty nine Gil that is in the bowl directly before of you. Follow the rat child once more however, before you end your course takes a right down some stairs and follow the boards to urge to sixty three Gil. Return up the steps and continue up; you will be on one among the homes that is farthest on prime. Check the pot on the roof for ninety two Gil. Return down and head right, then up to follow Puck to enter the castle.

This concludes the FF9 Walkthrough of the first part. We hope it provided you useful information as well as enhance your gaming experience.