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FF6 Walkthrough – Here is a Thoughtful Introduction

ff6 walkthrough

FF6 refers to Final Fantasy VI as the sixth main installment in the Final Fantasy series, which is developed and launched by Squaresoft.

This game is a long adventure that is separated into two different parts including the World of Balance and the World of Ruin. Since each is significant different in how it plays out, you should follow our FF6 walkthrough here.

Today, we will focus on three main parts of the World of Balance including Narshe, Figaro Castle, and South Figaro.

But before starting, we want to show some necessary information about Final Fantasy VI so that you have a general view of this game firstly.

Introduction of Final Fantasy VI

The primary conflict in FF6 takes place between the Gestahlian Empire conquering the world and a rebel group, known as the Returners. And all are happening in a fantasy steampunk-style world.

The Empire has attained a strong army through experiments with Espers (magical beings). Meanwhile, the Returners look for the magical power to fight the Emperor on equal terms.

With 14 playable characters, Final Fantasy VI boasts of the biggest cast in the series. Each character owns a unique command skill, of course.

For instance, Locke’s Steal, Sabin’s Blitz, Terra’s Trance or Edgar’s Tools can learn the magic spells via earning AP from battles with magicite (the postmortem remains of an Esper and a key gameplay element).

The gameplay of FF6 is similar to FF5 via availing the Active Time Battle system. The players can equip Espersthat can teach and give stat boosts. Besides, party members can equipa shield, a helmet, a weapon, and a piece of clothing.

Note that every equipment piece comes with its unique properties like elemental immunities and stat boosts.

Final Fantasy VI was launched worldwide for the PlayStation, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Game Boy Advances platforms. It has been recognized as one of the typical games for its genre, consoles, and for the series as a whole, acclaimed for its graphics and additional content.

FF6 was co-directed by Hiroyuki Itou and Yoshinori Kitase, with Yoshitaka Amano providing image designs and Nobuo Uematsu composing the score. It can be said that this game was the final title in the series to highlight two-dimensional graphics, and the first story didn’t talk about crystals.

A thoughtful guide on FF6 Walkthrough

To help players completes a long venture in Final Fantasy VI, we will start from the beginning sections of the World of Balance until the last ones of the World of Ruin.

As outlined above, our FF6 walkthrough will concentrate on three opening parts firstly. Make sure you read each carefully to understand how to play better.


ff6 walkthrough 1

Narshe, which is a coal mining city that controls its business, has stumbled upon a mysterious discovery in their mines.That isEsper.

Since the Empire has learned of this, it dispatched three power units, the leading Magitek-riding soldiers, to retrieve the frozen Esper. And the only way is to get through the center of the town.

Here you will face up to Lobos and Guards, whoprefer to attack you.

Hence, the first and foremost thing you should perform is to find Terra, who owns a diverse set of Magitek skills. She is capable of casting Fire and Cure as well. And note that her Bioblaster can eliminate groups of enemies with one shot.

Additionally, you will get a chance to save by utilizing the Save Point on the left-hand side of the screenwhen entering the mines. At this time, the enemies will attack your group on the other side.

1stfight – Ymir

ff6 walkthrough 2

Ymir is known as a lighting whelk. Since it can hide in its shell and counterattack with a strong blast of lightning, Biggs and Wedge decide to throw an attack on its head when it retreats.

Ymir often utilizes physical attacks like Slime, which can obstruct your characters down. Take advantage of the Magitek Missile from Biggs and Wedge’s Fire Beams to send more damages before this creature withdraws into its shell.

After eliminating Ymir and the Nashe’s Guards out of the way, you’re now free to near to the frozen Esper. Examine it to trigger a cutscene that might raise some queries.

At this time, you will talk with Terra. And then some guards begin to knock on the door. So, you need to get out of here as soon as possible. But, remember to look at the clock in the front room for an Elixir before leaving.

Once outside, be quick to cross the bridge to access the mines. Make sure to follow the path up the steps, where you can find a Save Point (on the right of the screen). It’s the best time to use it because some evil creatures will attack you during your trek.

When running along the path, keep in mind that the steps to the right will lead to a chest holding a Phoenix Down. It’s an essential item that you should have. Later, continue crossing another small bridge and follow it all the way and find a Sleeping Bag (on the left).

Keep moving forward until reaching a dead end to meet Locke and some moogles, who will protect Terra from enemies.

Right now, the area looks like a maze with three different roads that lead to Terra’s position. Locke and the moogles will separate into three groups, put each team at the head of the roads, and wait for the enemies.

2ndfight – Guard Leader and Silver Lobos

ff6 walkthrough 3

Indeed, this battle is not too tough as long as you select the correct group to attack. Although you don’t have enough restorative items at this time, picking the team with the highest hit points helps a lot.

As compared with the previous Silver Lobos, these are more aggressive. Although they are not much a threat, be careful of the Guard Leader because this creature can hit hard and use his Net Attack to freeze your party’s members.

In case the Mug is in your group, make sure to guide it to avail Twilight Requiem dance as soon as you get a chance. Or use Snare to knock down the Guard Leader instantly.

That’s all for the section of Narshe.

But, before moving to the next one, you should call at the Adventuring School, visit the Field Science room, and find the pot on the right side to get an Ether. Avoid choosing the chest on the left because it gives you another Silver Lobo.

Continue jumping into the Battle Tactics room to get a treasure chest with a Sleeping Bag and a Potion in the Advanced Battle Tactics room.

Figaro Castle

ff6 walkthrough 4

The next destination in our FF6 walkthrough is Figaro Castle. After leaving Narshe and reaching this place, you may go down two sets of stairs on either of the hall.

  • The left side leads to the Engine Room. Here you can talk with the guard to know that the engines are enduring maintenance.
  • The right one will guide you to the prison.

Since both are dead-ends, it’s best to skip them and go straight toward the Throne room. Before coming here, you can find two stores including:

  • The Weapon Store is on the right where you can get an Antidote and Potion.
  • The Shopkeeper’s Inventory is on the right where you can find the Bioblaster, Noiseblaster, and Auto Crossbow.

At this point, you need to buy two blasters only. Then hit up the Item Store on the other side of the room to continue getting necessary supplies such as the Gold Needle. Continue moving through the main hall and climb up the stairs (on the left or right) to look for a chest with another Phoenix Down.

When you acquire enough, proceed the Throne room. Here Locke will introduce Terra to King Edgar and leave. After that, make your way back to the courtyard and talk to any non-player characters along the way.

ff6 walkthrough 5

The room on the left side will bring you to a place with the stairwell anda small room where you can take a rest and/or talk to the ladies walking around to know more about the King. Meanwhile, the right room will lead you to the library and then a small tower.

By going down the stairs, you will reach the King’s chamber. At this time, you will find out that King Edgar has a twin brother, named Sabin.

Once having your fill, please turn back to the Throne room and talk to the King once more. And then the King will control you so that you cannot go anywhere. Instantly, speak to the Imperial soldiers, then Kefka and Locke to move things forward.

Right now, you will face up another battle against Magitek Armor.

Make sure you have Locke Steal, order Edgar to avail his Auto Crossbow and have Terra cast Fire on the units. After a quick break, continue availing Fire and the Auto Crossbow and have Attack and/or Locke Steal. Remember to keep up until eliminating the soldiers.

South Figaro

ff6 walkthrough 6

Later, you should move your group towards the town of South Figaro through entering a nearby cave and riding the Chocobo.

This place is a large, peaceful town that is full of all kinds of nooks and crannies to discover.

At the time of reaching the town, you may catch a threatening figure walking ahead. Start following it into the Pub and try to get into a conversation to trigger a short scene.

All your heroes will be introduced to Shadow, a dangerous mercenary whose companion is his presumed-people-eating Doberman, Interceptor. But, you soon recognize that they want to be alone. So, just move on.

Now, let’s find a large mansion on the northside of the town! It’s an interesting area with some static treasures.

Enter and leave through the right door to take another Phoenix Down in a barrel directly outside. Continue following the narrow road behind the house to discover a hidden room. Remember to examine to clock to catch another Elixir. Then come back inside and talk to the NPCs surrounding the house.

Next, check behind the bookcase on the west side to see a hidden corridor. Go down both sets of stairs and proceed with the straight road.

When the road divides, continue moving south, toward the bottom of the screen to lead to a doubtful jail. Right here, examine the cells for Hermes Sandals and a Hyper Wrist.

ff6 walkthrough 7

Start turning back the way you came and move toward the east. Note that the door at the end of this mansion will bring you to a storage room that has two grandfather clocks and four treasure chests. Start raiding the stash to get a total of 3,000 gil.

After obtaining all of the treasures at the South Figaro, it’s time to leave. But, make sure to halt at the house in the southeastern corner of the town to meet Master Duncan’s wife, the legendary martial arts instructor.

She will talk something about her husband who is training some disciples in the nearby mountains. But, the most critical thing is that you can get another Save Point in her basement.

Let’s find out more!

With three first parts of the World of Balance including Narshe, Figaro Castle, and South Figaro, we hope you get a particular view of Final Fantasy VI. And for our upcoming posts about FF6 walkthrough, you will find out more significant information for sure.

Please keep following it from now, guys!