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Dark Souls 3 covenants: How to join and rewards

When mentioning excellent action, role-playing games, we can’t miss a remarkable name like Dark Souls 3. This is a great game made by From Software and the fourth entry in the Souls series. Similar to its previous entries, in Dark Souls 3, players also can pledge allegiance to various Covenants. Their main goal is to deal with both PvP and co-op multiplayer activities to earn rewards. So, in detail, what are Dark Souls 3 covenants? How to join covenants? And what rewards are for each covenant? Let’s learn detail about these issues through this article. Let’s start!

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dark souls 3 covenants

What are Dark Souls 3 covenants

Dark Souls 3 covenants are unique factions that are created to deal with activities in PvP and co-op multiplayer mode. Players can join these covenants when they receive a covenant insignia. This one is usually from the leader of the covenant.

Each covenant is guided by a central philosophy and all activities of its memberships are determined to revolve around it. Some covenants are created to aid other players while the rest ones encourage hostile invasions and competitive PvP. No matter what the covenant meant, most of them offer reward items to its loyal members. As long as they completed all their duty to the covenant. When players gather a certain number of rewards and send them to the appropriate covenant leader or shrine. They will be rewarded with new weapons and spells for their loyalty.

The only way to join a covenant is that players must be received the insignia covenant. They are normally able to receive this insignia from the covenant leader. When receiving this insignia, equip it in the covenant slot on the inventory menu to signify membership. The currently equipped covenant of players will be indicated by an emblem on the top-left corner of the screen. In addition, players can turn covenant on to change their methods when participating in multiplayer activities without penalty.

Detail guide about 8 Dark Souls 3 covenants

Way of Blue

dark souls 3 covenants 1

Way of Blue is the first covenant in Dark Souls 3 and it’s geared towards newer players. This covenant meant to help players when they are invaded by a hostile player. These hostile players are known as red phantoms and they are a member of the Blue Sentinels or Blade of the Darkmoon. In detail, the covenant will automatically summon friendly phantoms into the world to help its members defeat the dark spirit.

How to join

In order to join this covenant, you need to find a friendly woman named Emma. After that, speak to her to receive the Small Lothric Banner and move on the Undead Settlement. Then, continue to speak to her to get the insignia of the Way of Blue covenant.

To find Emma, let’s across from the High Wall of Lothric’sVordt of the Boreal Valley. At the top of a set of stairs, you will see an extremely high sanctuary with blue glass windows. There, there are two knights patrol outside of the building. Overcome them and get inside, you will find Emma.


Because this is a covenant for those who are seeking help from other players, it doesn’t provide any rewards.

Blue Sentinels

dark souls 3 covenants 2

Blue Sentinels is the covenant that its member will be summoned automatically when a member of the Way of Blue covenant is invaded. Players can get handfuls of summons at a time because anything related to automatic summoning is out of their control.

When they kill the dark spirit and protect Way of Blue members, they will receive Proof of a Concord Kept.

How to join

To participate in this covenant, you need to go to the Bonfire on the road of Sacrifices – he Halfway Fortress. Here, you will see two knights named Anri of Astora and Horace. You will need to speak to the silent Horace on your right to get the Blue Sentinel insignia.


The reward for this covenant is a Proof of a Concord Kept. You can use this reward to exchange another item with Company Captain Yorshka in Anor Londo. She is the leader of the covenant Blade of the Darkmoon. And players can exchange or share rewards between these two covenants. In detail, you can use 10 Proof of a Concord Kept items to exchange a Darkmoon Ring or 30 items to exchange an Darkmoon Blade.

Warrior of Sunlight

dark souls 3 covenants 3

Jolly cooperation is the main philosophy of this friendly covenant. Join this covenant, players can uncover the Warrior of Sunlight insignia and explore the Undead Settlement. The summoned signs of this covenant appear as bright gold color. It signifies a friendly co-op companion. The members of Warriors of Sunlight covenant appear as a white-gold phantom. They are summoned to help other players navigate the difficult regions and defeat bosses.

How to join

In order to join this covenant, players need to find the emblem in the Undead Settlement. From the Undead Settlement Bonfire, go through the building ahead to reach a courtyard. Here, you will see several enemies who are standing around a fire. Let’s go head down the road on the left of the fire, you’ll see a bridge and a small house. Stay away from the bridge and enter the house. On the right of the entrance, drop down a hole in the floor into a lower room. And the Warrior of Sunlight insignia is on the table which is near you.


When completing your duty in this covenant, you will receive a Sunlight Medal. You can use this medal to exchange another item in the shrine. In detail, 10 Sunlight medals can exchange one Sacred Oath Miracle. In addition, 30 Sunlight medals can exchange to a Great Lightning Spear Miracle.


dark souls 3 covenants 4

Mound-makers are a crazy bunch and covenant. They are prepared to fight against anyone who summons them. Members of this covenant appear as purple phantoms and they usually place a purple summon sign on the ground. They are able to attack any player in the host’s world. Like other invaders, members of this covenant usually use a Red Soapstone summon sign to prevent the attacks of enemies in the host’s world.

How to join

There are two ways to join this covenant and they depend on your progress in this game. If you’ve not defeated the Curse-rotted Greatwood, you need to go to the Undead Settlement to find its insignia.

In detail, you also need to travel to the Undead Settlement Bonfire and find a bridge there. After that, cross the bridge to the right, you’ll see the stables. Look for the road on the right and before the stables to go. You’ll face the slaves on the rooftops, defeat them to reach the roof on the right. Drop down onto the road near the cliff and you will find a hollow manservant with a cage on his back. Don’t hurry to attack him. Let’s approach the cage on his back from behind. When you are prompted, let’s press “examine” to be moved to a chamber beneath the boss arena. Here, you can see Holy Knight Hodrick and join the Mound-makers covenant.

In case you have already defeated the Curse-rotted Greatwood, you must pursue Sirris’ questline to join this covenant. Let’s pursue her questline until she gives you the needed gesture to join this covenant. After receiving the gesture, let’s travel to the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley Bonfire. Here, you need to look for her white summon sigh near the bridge and help Sirris complete her objective. When finished, let’s return to the main entryway outside the Greatwood’s chamber to look for another summon sign from Sirris. Once again, you need to help her to receive a token to join the Mound-makers covenant.

Note: If you joined Rosaria’s Fingers, you can’t join the Sirris’ questline. This means you can’t participate in the Mound-makers covenant through this method.


In order to receive the reward of this covenant, you need to kill the host of the world that you were summoned to. After completing, you will receive a Vertebra Shackle. You also can use this reward to exchange to another item. In detail, you can turn it into the shrine located in the pit where you fought the Curse-rotted Greatwood. For 10 turn ins, you will be able to receive the Bloodlust katana, and for 30 turn ins, you will receive the Warmth pyromancy.

Watchdogs of Farron

dark souls 3 covenants 5

This covenant defends the area surrounding Farron Keep from intruders. When having an embered player passes through this area, a Watchdogs of Farron will be summoned automatically to ward off the trespasser and protect their territory.

How to join

To join this covenant, let’s travel to the Farron Keep, follow the fires, and navigate it through the poisonous swamp. Before reaching the large door, you need to find a long ladder (on the side of the stone structure). Climb up it to reach the room where contains the Old Wolf of Farron and a bonfire. Let’s pray to the Old Wolf to join the Watchdogs of Farron and you’ll receive its insignia. After that, let’s offer your collected Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass to the Old Wolf. The purpose of this activity is to deepen your relationship with the covenant. And of course, you also can earn some new items.


The reward of this covenant is a Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass and you can use it to exchange other items. In detail, using 10 Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass, you can exchange to one Old Wolf Curved Sword. Using 30 Wolf’s Blood Swordgrass, you will be able to exchange to a Wolf Ring and Wolf Knight Greatshield.

Rosaria’s Fingers

dark souls 3 covenants 6

Rosaria’s Fingers is a hunting covenant that is dedicated to hunting other players in PvP competition. This covenant is led by a silent leader named Rosaria who brings collected Pale Tongues from their successful invasions.

Members of this covenant invade other worlds as the appearance of hostile red phantoms. They will receive Pale Tongues when defeating the host of embers.

How to join

In order to join this covenant, you must find Rosaria. She is on the upper floor of the Cathedral of the Deep. However, keep in mind that when participating in this covenant, you can’t pursue quests from Sirris. This means you can’t join Mound-Makers covenant by pursuing Sirris’s questline if join Rosaria’s Fingers. If you want to join all Dark Souls 3 covenants, let’s complete all tasks of Sirris before Rosaria’s Fingers.


This covenant rewards its member with a Forked Pale Tongue when they defeat a defensive blue spirit. In addition, its members also can receive the ability to respect their character attributes and change their appearance. Moreover, they also can use their reward to exchange other items. In detail, with 10 Pale Tongues, they can exchange to one Obscuring Ring, and 30 Pale Tongues can exchange to a Man-Grub’s Staff.

Aldrich Faithful

dark souls 3 covenants 6

Similar to the Watchdogs of Farron, the Aldrich Faithful covenant ensures that nobody who is embered can trespass their territory. When having a player trespasses on the area outside the cathedral in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, members of this covenant will be summoned to fight against the intruders. They appear as dark blue phantoms with red undertones.

How to join?

To join this covenant, you need to start at the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire in Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. Go through the doors ahead of the bonfire and turn the corner on your left. Continue to the tower on the opposite side of the courtyard where contains lots of giants. Enter the tower and strike an illusory wall. That wall is in the corner beneath the stairs. After that, climb down the ladder to pouring water fill in the chamber below. Now, you can explore the leader of Aldrich Faithful covenant, Archdeacon McDonnell in the far left corner. Let’s pledge your loyalty to him to join this covenant and receive its insignia.


Rewards for this covenant is Human Dregs. Take it to Archdeacon McDonnell to prove your loyalty and earn new items like Great Deep Soul Spell and Archdeacon’s Great Staff. With 10 Human Dregs, you will have a Great Deep Soul Spell and 30 Human Dregs to exchange the rest one.

Blade of the Darkmoon

dark souls 3 covenants 7

This covenant is the original version of the Blue Sentinels. Its members will be summoned automatically to help members of the Way of Blue covenant when they are invaded by red spirits.

How to join?

In order to join this covenant, you need to complete a separation of NPC questline and reach a hidden tower at the back of Irithyll of the Boreal Valley. In detail, you will have to complete a series of steps related to Sirris of the Sunless Realms.


The reward of this covenant is also a Proof of a Concord Kept. Gather enough 10 Proof of a Concord Kept, you can exchange a Darkmoon Ring; enough 30 items, you can exchange a Darkmoon Blade.

Conclusion: Above are all information about Dark Souls 3 covenants. Hope that this article is useful for you. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!