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blood on the ice

Detailed guide of Blood on the Ice quest in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim


Being an excellent series of action role-playing game, surely The Elder Scroll isn’t a strange series with millions of players. With addictive gameplay and brilliant mechanics, this series game is received so many positive comments from gamers and critics. However, this article is not intended to praise how excellent this game is, because we both …

stellaris console commands

A detailed list of Stellaris console commands


Stellaris is a 4X grand video game with strategy factors. It was developed and proclaimed by Paradox Interactive. Stellaris’ gameplay relates to space exploration, diplomacy, managing an empire, and space warfare with other civilizations. It was launched worldwide for OS X, Windows, and Linux on May 9, 2016. Gameplay In the gameplay, players control of a species in the early stages of interstellar space navigation, after …